Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why I am a proud mama...

Because this is what happens when I tell Evie to pick out her own clothes, and mean it. (Please note the pants are on backwards, and the killer combination of flip-flops and fuzzy knit hat!) She obviously inherited my fashion sense.

But I am actually very proud of this little girl, we have been binkie free for almost 3 weeks now with very little fuss or trauma. I actually have no idea where the binkies have gone, you know the way they disappear to some secret binkie location so that even though you know that you own 25 or so, there are none to be found when the baby is having a meltdown? I think all of Evie's binkies decided on their own that she was grown-up enough to not need them any more and have gone to be reincarnated into.... whatever it is binkies are reincarnated to. Think Velveteen Rabbit. (That, or she has a secret stash of them in the toy room downstairs.) But no binkies for naps or bedtimes for three weeks and that makes me a proud mama.

We have also started Lila on solids this week and I am amazed at how little fuss this kid is. She took to breast-feeding with no problems the very first day. (Which isn't always the case with newborns, Jake took forever!) When I lost my milk at two and a half months she switched to the bottle with no problem. And her very first time eating rice cereal she ate every bite, just kind of sucking on the spoon. I couldn't even get one of those great messy face, first tasting kind of pictures because she hardly made any mess. I think she couldn't bear to waste a single drop of this intriguing new taste. She is a natural born eater I guess, and I am so grateful for that. Last night was only the second time she had the cereal and she was shaking like a puppy does when they are excited. She wanted to grab the spoon and shove it in her mouth, but only managed to spill the food on her bib. So she settled for sucking on her fists for the little bit she grabbed. In fact I think that she is going to be like Evie was and cry in between bites of food because I am not feeding her fast enough.


Elena Loo said...

that is awesome that Lila is wanting the spoon. Huck still thinks we're crazy for attempting. We keep trying though, for that one day when he'll want it.

And its okay if Evie's clothes are on backwards. She's cute no matter what she wears!

You are a great mama and have great kids! You should be proud!