Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

As a mom I couldn't ask for better sweethearts on Valentine's. I also have a pretty great husband. He ran an errand with Jake last night. They said they were going to pick up a prescription, but they also came home with flowers for us girls.

As much as I love the flowers, I love even more that he brought one for each of his daughters to start a tradition of making them feel special and loved on Valentine's Day. I also love that he had Jacob help him pick them out and is setting such a good example for him of how to treat the women in his life. Yup, we are pretty lucky girls.


Amanda said...

I love your girls' cute matching dress and skirt...which no doubt you sewed yourself. Such talent! I was thinking today at church how cute your hair looks. Sounds like a great Valentine's Day!

Kamra said...

What a fantasic husband... that is so sweet!

Emilie said...


Chrissy, you look AMAZING in that picture!! Stunning.

Catherine said...

Wow! I am loving your new look! Sophisticated (does this do spell check?), and so happy :)