Saturday, February 13, 2010

My climbing monkey...

Lila is wearing me out! I've never had a child that treats the entire world like their own private jungle gym.

No horizontal surface is safe now that she has mastered the art of both pushing with her legs and pulling with her arms.

And she is fearless with apparently no fear of heights or memory retention when she falls off them. (Thump, *scream* is starting to be a regular combination around here.)

I am definitely going to have to be rearranging furniture to make sure there are no "steps" for her, as they seem to be an irresistible temptation.

But she is so proud that she can keep up with her brother and sister!

Note to self: We can no longer allow drinks of water by the bed, even sippy cups are no match for a determined toddler.


Amanda said...

I have been able to avoid having a real climber so far. I don't suppose my luck will hold out forever, though, if we have more kids. Good luck with Lila!

Susan said...

So what is it with child #3?! Andrew was exactly the same way!

Emilie said...

busy, busy, busy.