Monday, February 22, 2010

Evie-isms... again

Evie has recently discovered the game Hide and Seek. She just doesn't grasp all the nuances of how to play it, exactly. This is how a game with her usually goes:

Evie: Okay! I will go hide and you count!

Caite: Okay.

Evie: Close your eyes!

Caite: 1...2...3...

Evie: THUMP*THUMP*THUMP* (as you hear her running down the hall to wherever she is going to hide.)

Caite: ...4...5...6

Evie: Okay! I am hiding now!

Caite: ...8...9...10 Ready or not here I come! ... Evie? Where are you?

Evie: (as she comes running back) Here I am!

We could play this all day as it requires very little effort on our part.

She is also continuing to be her very verbal and funny self. Last Saturday she got to have some special one on one time with me, running errands. When she was getting dressed for the day she picked out a pair of pink pants that have been scribbled on with a ball point pen. (Who it was that did the actual scribbling is still a point of contention...) On the way home from the store she was looking down at the pen marks and out of the blue from the back of the van I hear, "What is going on in my pants?!" I laughed so hard I almost had to pull the car over. I told her that I thought she meant "what is going on with her pants" and that we need to work on her prepositional phrases.

Today was classic though, Aunt Caite was with me when I picked Evie up from preschool. Evie was, as usual, talking a mile a minute telling us about everything they had done, specifically she was in the middle of a play by play account of how they mixed red and yellow paint to make orange and paint suns. Then she told us that the two boys in her class were being mean to each other and not sharing the paint.

Me: Oh dear, they weren't sharing?

Evie: Nope, they sure weren't.

Me (mostly rhetorically): What are we going to do with those silly boys?

Evie (very seriously): Get new ones I guess.

Caite (repressing a snort): Evie, you are so practical.

Evie: Yup.

Silly girl. I don't want a new one though.


Sandra & Brent said...

Just did another "catch up on four or five posts at a time". I'm still laughing to myself at the picture in my head of you doing your knitting in Cabelas! That is priceless! Speaking of knitting, I have something for you . . . I'll be in touch. Love ya, Sandra

Lawson Family said...

It's so great that you're documentign all of these Evieisms...I can tell you guys will get a many a laughs at of this one!

Elizabeth said...

I hope my kids are as funny as yours.