Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where does he get this stuff?

The other day Jake was sitting next to me on the couch and playing the Wii. He started to do the "I gotta go to the bathroom but I don't want to stop playing my game" dancing thing that kids do sometimes. So I gently pointed out that he was bouncing on the couch and suggested it might be because he needed to use the bathroom. Without taking his eyes off the TV he said, "Oh no. I am just thrilled and tingling with excitement for this next match!" And went on playing. Not two minutes later he jumped up and ran into the bathroom. His dad asked him if he got any "excitement" on himself in all the rush.

The other night around the dinner table, Brian was enjoying a walk down memory lane. He was regaling the kids with memories and stories from when his family adopted his sister Brooke from Korea. They especially like the stories about how the siblings helped teach her English, like how for a long time she thought that the family dog's name was "Say Scooter" or how instead of saying three days ago she would say, "yesterday, yesterday, yesterday..."

And then Jake wanted to know how old Grandma T. was when they adopted Brooke. (Don't worry Terrie, we won't publish actual dates on here...) So the conversation turned to math as Brian told Jake how old Grandma T. is and how old Aunt Brooke is, so Jake figured out the differences in their ages. Then Brian told Jake that Aunt Brooke was 7 when she was adopted, so they figured out how many years ago that was. Then Brian said, "So Grandma is x years old now, and they adopted Brooke y years ago. So x-y=?" Less than 10 seconds later Jake responds with "38!" I looked at Brian and said, "Is that right?" We took quite a bit longer to figure out that he was indeed correct.

We started to joke about nicknames for our genius son. I said again that I thought Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory) was the most appropriate. Jake looked at me, waggled his eyebrows and said, "Get your geek on."

Just once I'd like to make it through a meal without snorting liquid through my nose...


Emilie said...

What in the world are you going to do with that kid? Seriously? Amazing and funny.

April said...

He is just a kick!

Elizabeth said...

"Get your geek on." Ha! That kills me. He just cracks me up!