Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A French Meal with Aunt Caite...

As promised the post about the meal the kids cooked using recipes out of a cookbook Jake got from the library last week...

Aunt Caite and Jacob decided on a French menu of Pain au Chocolat, Parisian Hot Chocolate, French-cut green beans, and Chicken Oh-La-La.  But first they all had to get into the proper French spirit.

"Can't you tell I am Fr-anch from sis expression of boredom I 'ave perfected?"  (Jake spent the next two days doing his very best Inspector Clouseau voice...)

Mademoiselle Genevieve couldn't look bored to save her life, so we opt to try for stylish and fashionable...

And for all you Phineas and Ferb fans out there, Jake and Evie posing with the "Triffle Tower"!

Okay, now that Mom and Caite are done being silly let's get down to cooking.  Jake helping to chop the pecans for topping the chicken.

Evie needed a turn too.  

Lila just wanted to eat already!

Monsieur Jacob ready for the french feast.

Doesn't it look yummy?

Trois little helpers ready to make dessert.  (I can attest that the Pain au Chocolat was really tasty!) 

And once again we have documented just why Tante Caitlin is their very most favorite babysitter of all time! Merci Beaucoup Caite!


Emilie said...

I would comment,but am too bored. ;)