Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun in the sun...

Today all that we needed to have a good time was a garden hose, a sprinkler, and our cousins!

Jake, Jack, and Josh: The three J's! These guys have so much fun and they play together so well.

Jake ready to run through the sprinkler.  Watching the kids playing brought back so many memories, living in our swimsuits, covered in grass and weber water, laying on the sun warmed driveway until our suits dried and we could start all over again.

Just like my little sun worshiper Lila!  

Evie on the other hand didn't stop moving once she got started...

The kids called this the "hot tub".  It is a low spot on the sidewalk where the water pooled, and it was the favorite place to sit and splash.

Thanks Aunt Tracie, Lunch and Water Fun at your house was huge hit!


Natalie said...

Oh, the memories. I love the hot tub!