Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Evie's 1st day of preschool

Today Evie started preschool and she did great! The teachers are waiting when you pull up and help the kids get out of the cars and into the school so that there aren't any long, drawn out, teary good-byes.  As we were waiting for our turn some other children were crying and others looking very nervous, which made me wonder how Evie would react when it was her turn.  She jumped out the second the door slid open and casually tossed a "Bye Mom!" over her shoulder and was off on her new adventure!  

When I picked her up two hours later she was beaming and very excited to show me the apple picture she colored.  She couldn't remember her teachers' names so she said she would just call them Miss Sun, Miss Sunshine, and Miss Car. I hope she doesn't really... that could be very confusing.  She also told me as I tucked her in bed tonight that, "In two more days I get to go back to preschool!"  I think she really likes it. 


Dinee said...

Yay Evie! Where is she going to preschool?

Chrissy said...

She is going to Centerville Academy, it's just past Jennie P.

Troy and Lisa said...

I'm sure her teachers won't mind the nicknames. I had a Kindergartener while student teaching that couldn't remember Bodily, so she called me Miss Bobbykins.