Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Snapshots

Getting ready for church. The girls love it when they "match"! It cracks me up when Evie checks to see if Lila has the same color that she wants to wear that day.

Jake is such a great big brother, and his sisters adore him. 
(Even if Lila did give him a bloody nose at the end of church today... that girls just has a mind of her own and woe to anyone who tries to make her do something she doesn't want to!)

Lila shows off her after church outfit, or as she calls it "waxin cose" (relaxing clothes). Today her daddy taught her to say "Go Broncos!"  It amazes me that she can say broncos clear as a bell, and yet still stumbles over the word blue. Interesting the way kids learn language, she also says "dang-it" very clearly. And usually very loudly...

Here is my cute husband being all domestic and getting the kitchen clean so I can cook lunch.

Taco salad, one of our family's favorite meals.  I find it mildly amusing that I have the weakest tolerance for spice out of this group. My kids all seem to enjoy salsa, and today Jake even tried some Tabasco! He decided to stick with salsa instead.

It was all Lila could do to finish her lunch before succumbing to the sandman.

She was irritated by the repeated flash of the camera, but not quite enough to wake up.

And last but not least a hug and a kiss for my Evers, after she gave me one and thanked me for making lunch. 

Quiet, lazy Sunday afternoons with my favorite people... it just doesn't get any better than this.


Emilie said...

So, so, so much love in you home.

Way to go Mama!

April Weeks said...

Ditto what Em said.

Sandra & Brent said...

This was such a cozy post . . . made me want to join you for taco salads and the Bronco game. I loved the photo of the girls kissing Jake . . . priceless. I posted last night and as I was writing I kept thinking of you, Chrissy. Keep writing . . . it's great fun to chronicle good days like you just had and great therapy to chronicle the not so great days! Love ya, Sandra

Elizabeth said...

I love my "waxin cose" on Sunday too.