Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At least he's cultured...

Two Christmases ago Jacob got the complete Calvin and Hobbs anthology from his Grandpa Dave. There are three of these giant books each weighing over twenty five pounds. But they have been read and reread constantly. In fact, I am often to be heard scolding Jake for leaving one of the books out where it could be damaged... or do some damage, those suckers are really heavy!

One of my favorite things about this gift, aside from the hours of entertainment it has provided my son, is how Jake now has an unlimited supply of quips and comments he has memorized from it's pages. 

Like this afternoon as he passed me in the kitchen and with an insouciant wave he said, "Hi! Here I am, one of your life's greatest achievements!" I agreed with him and asked where he had heard that, knowing the answer would be Calvin and Hobbs.

The biggest giggle today though, came from his very own mind. 
I've been trying really hard to break him of a habit he has of streaking through the kitchen every time it is his turn to shower. I tell him to go downstairs and get clean pajamas and underwear, and then he showers in our bathroom upstairs. Which somehow has equated in his mind that he has to undress downstairs instead of upstairs. And once again tonight he came up the stairs in the altogether holding his clean clothes to preserve his modesty. I started to open my mouth to get after him for undressing downstairs, but before I could say anything he struck a pose and said, "Nude Ascending a Staircase."

Salvador Dali humor.... can't miss.


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! This gave me a laugh. My kids are equally unashamed about waltzing through the house in the buff to and from the shower, but they've never said that!

Natalie said...

Heeheehee. We're still just trying to get Charlie not to pull his pants down in the living room every time he needs to use the potty.