Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the celebration commence...

We started our Easter celebration off with an egg hunt and dinner with Pa Dave today.

Evie showing off her loot.

Lila loved finding the eggs, which she would promptly open and spill the candy out onto the ground... oh well. 

Jake found the last egg!

Then it was into the house to find our Easter baskets... or buckets... whatever.

Lila was thrilled with the bubbles in her bucket and could hardly be persuaded to see what other treats she got!

Could that smile be any wider? 
(Belle is her favorite princess right now.)

A Mario plush that has a zipper pocket in the back for tiny treasures. Jake loves it.

That's my girl, right for the ears.

I asked Lila what her favorite thing in her Easter basket was and she replied, "Chocolate." Yup. Definitely my child.

Fine. Mom wants an obligatory we're all posing the same way picture... I'll give her one.
Can you tell he is almost eight?

Evie also got giant princess coloring pages and spent the next hour and a half happily occupied. And yes, that is all her own work. She takes great pride in staying inside the lines. (Reminds me of my brother at that age... hmmm, I wonder if I have a budding artist on my hands.)

Jake busy with his Lego set. 
It is an Atlantis themed one and came with a trident, and I couldn't help thinking, "Sheldon lives in fear of the three tined fork..."

Lila got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie, Daddy got a nap, and Mommy got a good hour or so where everyone was quiet and entertained. Good job Easter Bunny!

We had a great dinner, got to webcam with Josh, Elena, Huck, Caite and Patrick in Maryland, and then had a little bowling tournament with the Kinnect. Which I won, even while taking a few turns while holding a beyond exhausted two year old. The tournament ended when I clocked Lila in the face as I was "bowling" and the night ended with a spectacular meltdown when we were mean enough to make her put on her shoes. Thanks for a fun day Pa Dave. I hope the rest of your night was quiet enough to make up for it.... 


April Weeks said...

Man your kids are cute!