Saturday, April 30, 2011

And now for something completely different...

Hello.  It's me - Brian.  Chrissy's a bit burnt out tonight and was asking me for ideas for her daily post.  I gave her a couple of suggestions and she decided that it would be a good night for me to take a turn at this.  So... I guess that'll teach me for offering suggestions!  This is good though, since I don't have her clever writing skills this post will just make her look good. 

My work requires that I work a half day Saturday once every 6 weeks or so, and today happened to be one of those days.  Since there's only a few people in the office on Saturdays I thought it would be a fun idea to take Jacob along with me to keep me company.  I told him about the idea last night and I was really happy to see his reaction to the idea.  He was so excited!  This morning when I suggested he put a few toys or things to play with in his backpack to bring along, he informed me that he had already put together a bag, including Legos, his Leapster, a few fruit roll-ups for himself and a cheese stick or two for me.  

He was really cute at the office.  He was very polite and friendly to my co-workers, and was very well behaved.  He pulled up a chair over next to my desk and went to work constructing various creations that he would occasionally bring over for me to see.  Whenever he wanted to talk to me he would whisper so as not to disturb any of the other workers, which was really not necessary since there were only a few in the office, but it was still appreciated.  I was very proud of him and was really happy to have his company.  On a brief bathroom break I asked him if he was bored or having any fun and he said "Dad, I think we should do this every time you have to work on Saturdays!".  I have to agree with him.  I think we just started a new tradition!

When we got done with my work, I asked Jake where he wanted to go get some lunch as a treat.  I gave some suggestions and told him he could take his pick.  He choose the Chick-fil-a near my office.  I tried subtly to convince him to go someplace a little fancier, since it was a special occasion but his mind was made up.  He told me "Dad, for me Chick-fil-a is a special treat, since I've only been there once before when Mom brought us out to go to lunch with you last summer!". It's hard to argue with that kind of logic!

So, then he and I went and got the Safety and Emissions done on my car so I could renew it, and finally made our way home.  Chrissy and the girls were busy today too.  They went out on the typical Saturday excursions including the trip to the grocery store, Costco for diapers, etc.  So the day has flown by pretty quickly, but it feels good to have accomplished a few things and it was fun to have some one on one time with Jake.  

Now the two oldest are in bed asleep and Chrissy and I are engaged in the daily task of getting the stubborn youngest one to give in and go to sleep.  Hopefully we'll succeed with enough time left over for Chrissy and I to actually watch a show together.  

So... there's my first ever post.  I don't think there's any real threat you'll have to hear from me too often, but thanks for putting up with me and I hope Chrissy enjoys the break this gave her! 

- Brian. 


April Weeks said...

I enjoyed hearing about your day. I do imagine Jake would be very good company. He is a hoot!

Dinee said...

Bri-I heard your voice in my head the entire time I read this. Is that a good thing?

Lawson Family said...

What a fun idea to take Jake to work with you. A tradition has been made!

Emilie said...

That sounds so fun!

Hooray for guest bloggers!

Sarah said...

I like guest husband posts. You're a good man Brian.

Mary said...

It's fun to hear from you, Brian. I vote you guest post a liitle more frequently so those of us who don't live nearby can get to know you a little. :)

Oh, and I think you've started a great tradition!