Friday, April 29, 2011

I didn't... the Royal Wedding. a very good job on today's workout.

....realize that we were almost out of milk when I was at the store. that my children ate goldfish crackers for breakfast. a thing about my messy house.

....get caught up with the laundry.

....understand why my son was wearing safety goggles and Mardi gras beads when I picked him up from school. very much today but read and nap with my baby.

....get to hang out with my cousins tonight. 

....get to hang out with our friends either.

....feel very good.

....have to cook dinner thanks to my husband and his gourmet tuna fish sandwiches.

....see who moved our recycling bin to the middle of the front lawn.

....really have anything interesting to post about.


Emilie said...

We missed you and I hope you feel better

Sarah said...

We did miss you. We will have to do it another time so that you can meet Stacy, but maybe not stay out quite so late...