Sunday, April 24, 2011

The dresses and the rest of the celebration...

Here they are in all their matching, fresh, springtime, pistachio and bubble gum pink glory... the Easter dresses! 

It took me four sets of sleeves on Lila's dress before I was happy with the results, but at least that meant Evie's came together in about three hours total. The big relief was that they got done and the girl's were thrilled to wear them.

And just to prove that I love my son just as much as I love my girls, I didn't make him a matching pistachio green tie embroidered with butterflies.

I did however knit each of them a teeny tiny baby bunny.

These things are literally multiplying like rabbits around here! You can't stop at just one....

After church we headed up to Brian's parents for lunch and an egg hunt with the cousins, where once again my children made out like bandits. I heard Jake yelling as he ran through the back yard, "Jackpot! This is enough candy to last me until Halloween!"

Evie got another Belle barbie doll and Lila got an Ariel one, and they all got new coloring books. This is of course on top of the copious amounts of sugar they all divvied up after. 

Then we finished up our holiday with a visit to Grandma-great's where each of my children ate an enormous piece of ice cream cake topped with sugar bunnies. Because they needed more sugar. 

I really don't mind. I think back fondly on my childhood memories of holiday gatherings and remember loving days like Easter when the normal rules went out the window and my mom said things like, "Okay, just don't complain to me if you make yourself sick from eating all that." Now I get to say that to my children, and then just smile to myself knowing the day will come when they have to learn that lesson the hard way...