Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Break

The kids have today and tomorrow off of school for fall break. I celebrated by staying in my pajamas all day and not driving anywhere. It's been a while since I didn't have to do the whole "Mom's Taxi" thing, and I really enjoyed my day off. I spent the day mostly resting on the sofa, drinking lots of fluids and knitting. (The knitting part lets me feel like I've been productive in spite of all the resting...) I think it's paid off. I feel much better tonight than I did 24 hours ago, and while my voice is still a little gravelly it's lost that "2 pack a day smoker" quality.  My kids helped out by being pretty well behaved for the most part, so I only had to yell at them a little bit. It's hard to yell when you don't have a voice, and I think lately they've been acting out just to hear me yell in my funny sick voice. Also Jake made me breakfast in bed this morning, which I though was so sweet of him. Unfortunately my throat hurt so bad I could only drink the water he brought me. But the kids ate it for me, so it was still a plus because I got to sleep in a bit longer instead of getting up to make breakfast. It's nice to be the one getting taken care of for a change, even just a little bit.


Emilie said...

Happy to hear you're taken care of