Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Puppy Love

I know a lot of my neighbors have been wondering if we got a dog. 
We did not.

Caite and Patrick got a dog, Brandi, who now visits us on a fairly regular basis with Caite.
I like it.
 The kids get to have a taste of having a pet without any of the inconvenience of owning an animal. 
(I'm still holding strong on my position of everyone in the house being able to take care of all their own bathroom needs before we even consider getting a pet... I figure that's going to buy me at least another two years.)

Plus watching Lila interact with Brandi is hilarious. She is constantly trying to call the dog and get her to obey, and since she can't whistle yet we hear a whole lot of, "Brandi! Ooo-wooo!" (The Ooo-Woo is how Lila whistles.) Lila loves it when Caite lets her walk Brandi. Although you can probably tell from the above picture it is usually a toss up as to who is "walking" who...

I had to share a close up of the outfit Lila put together today. Yes that would be her church slip on over some leggings, a sweater, her cowboy boots and a hat. This was her third outfit of the day, by 11 am. She had on a different dress, but decided it wasn't twirly enough to suit her mood. She would have been happy to just put on her slip, but mean mom insisted on layers because of the change in the weather. It was just a happy outfit though. I noticed on the way home several people smiled as they drove past and caught sight of Lila racing after the puppy with her twirly skirts flying in the breeze.

It was quite a long walk. Once we got home Evie and Lila went into their room to take off their jackets and shoes. They flopped on the floor and Evie said, "Whew, I am exhausperated!" And Lila agreed, "Yeah... exhaustipated!"


Amanda said...

Take care of their own potty needs? You'd better upgrade that to "take care of ALL their own needs". Dogs are a lot of work, especially if they live in your house! Hooray for dogs that visit, they're the best kind! (Don't get me wrong, we love Cal, but November 12th is looking mighty nice :)

Sandra & Brent said...

I'm exhausperated too. Staying up too late to browse through my favorite blogs, I am :) What a darling post . . . great photos . . . great outfit.