Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party

After church today we changed into our costumes and headed up to Caite and Patrick's for a party.

(This picture is for Grandma T.) 
Doesn't Lila make the cutest Minnie Mouse?

 Caite had a bunch of fun party games including Halloween bingo, glow in the dark ring toss, Halloween themed charades, and my personal favorite, wrapping your partner in toilet paper to make them a mummy.

Brian always seems to end up wearing the girls' headbands. 
But he actually put on a costume for the party. Can you tell what he is?

He's a jogger. 

Come on, that's just funny.


Dinee said...

That is funny. Way to get into the Halloween spirit Bri.

April Weeks said...

It made me chuckle :)