Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My father is a genius!

A week or so ago I asked my dad to help me out with getting a piece of wood cut to the right size to cover the hideous indoor rock planter that lurks in my basement and only proves my theories about interior design in the 60's. (I firmly believe that they put LSD in the water along with the fluoride before they knew about it's harmful side effects. I just don't see any other way to explain how society embraced shag carpeting, harvest gold and avocado green appliances and hideous indoor planters where there are NO windows?! But I digress...)

In my dream world where I could have what ever I want as soon as I wanted it, the planter would be gone and that wall would be floor to ceiling shelving/entertainment center. Since this isn't my dream world I decided to settle for having a plank of wood to cover the stupid thing so my children stop trying to use it as a giant garbage can/hidey hole. I thought that would be a huge improvement over the leftover kitchen cupboard doors I've been using like big puzzle pieces for the past four years.

My dad surprised me this morning by dropping off these two shelving units from IKEA. Put together they are the perfect size to cover the hole in the top of the planter and now I have more storage options! Another bonus is that by raising the television I will be able to see it from my sewing cubical while I work. I am loving my new and improved TV area!

After he put the shelves together and hefted the TV up there for me, we turned our attention to assembling the new couch. Also from IKEA. (I love that store.)


Those clever Swedes and their ingenious storage solutions. 
(I have threatened my children with extreme and dire consequences if I find one toy, one piece of clothing, or any siblings inside of the couch.)

And it pulls out to accommodate an occasional visitor or two. 
My cousin Tiffany has already graciously volunteered to test the "comfy-ness" quotient... 

I spent several minutes just staring at my new couch and shelves and loving how clean and organized it all is.

Mostly because the rest of the downstairs still looks like this.
(My sewing cubical)

Some days I feel like all I do is move the mess from one room to another downstairs. 
But slowly and surely, bit by bit we are coming along.
 Thanks to IKEA and my dad...


Sarah said...

I LOVE Ikea! And way to go to your Dad:)

Natalie said...

That looks fantastic! And I, too, share your love of Ikea. If only they'd deliver. Worldwide. :)

Amanda said...

I am a recent Ikea convert. They have some fun ideas that are going to solve my sewing cubicle mess. I can't wait to get it organized!!

Also, if there was a big fluorescent light originally hanging above the planter, that might be the reason for it having been built INdoors in the 60's...if you know what I mean.