Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tunnel vision...

A lot happened today that I could write about.

We got some more of the furniture we need to finish the basement for the kids so that we can make the upstairs easier to navigate for Brian's wheelchair.

Brian and the girls got haircuts.

Lila got bangs.

We made the 27th and final decision about Evie's Halloween costume.

Lila has broken out in hives again.

Brian and I had a great date night.

But all I can think about is the gigantic spider I just killed in the basement!

It was the fourth one of the night and the whole process involved a whole lot of screaming and squealing and jumping around in circles and talking sternly to the spider.

And that was just me trying to work up the courage to cross the room to see if I could reach where it was hanging out above my sewing machine.

This is probably the worst part of Brian's disability, I have to kill my own spiders now. :(

I ended up having to go get my little stair vacuum and suck the sucker up.

Then what?

I put the whole thing out on the front porch.

I'll deal with it tomorrow.

I figure if someone steals the vacuum they deserve the huge spider that comes with it...

I just hate spiders so much.