Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chicken Soup for the sickies...

This morning Jake asked if we had the ingredients for my homemade chicken and rice soup. It's one of his favorite things that I cook, especially after he's been sick. I had everything on hand and was more than happy to whip up a pot. The poor child hasn't had anything more than a saltine and a few sips of Gatorade in past 36 hours, so I was ready to make almost anything that sounded good to him. 

Plus we love soup around here...

We love it so much that we have dedicated bowls for eating it. And woe betide the parent who tries to eat anything else, like ice cream for instance, out of a bowl that is so clearly marked SOUP!

One of the things that makes this soup a favorite for me is how simple it is: 
Chicken broth of your choice
 (I just boil water and throw in the bullion cubes)
 cooked chicken breasts 
cooked white rice 
toss in a pot and let simmer until the vegetables are soft

But here is the secret ingredient that makes it the best soup ever!

I don't know all the herbs in this blend, but the one that stands out the most is lavender. I know, it sounds weird, but it really works. My mom sent away for some Herbs de Provence after trying it in a recipe at a restaurant a long time ago and she got this huge three pound bag of it. Which, when you consider how small an herb is, was a bit of an overkill. But that was my mom. She just cheerfully pressed a jar of it on all her friends and family, share the wealth. 

I used mine for a couple of years and when I finally ran out I was so sad. My chicken soup did NOT taste the same, even Brian noticed the difference. Finally I stumbled across some at Target and was so happy I did a little dance in the aisle.

The point of that whole narrative was if you'd like to try some you can find it at Target...

Does the fact that I've composed an entire post about chicken soup and Herbs de Provence give away the fact that I haven't left my house in three days and am going a bit stir crazy?


Chrissy said...

this is Jacob... just saying yes.. I do love that soup! Mmhm!

Emilie said...


Crazy Clarks said...

Bless you for giving this out!! I have never been able to make soup but I am going to try now! Thanks for posting how to make this. I am excited, maybe I can feel like a cook now LOL. Lots of love!

Sandra & Brent said...

I love narratives about food . . . books about food (Chocolat comes flying to mind), animated films about food (Ratatouille), etc. I love food blogs and I loved your food-themed blog post, Chrissy. I'm going to get myself some of that herb mix. And speaking of the herb mix I just CAN'T believe that your mom didn't share some of her three pound bag with me. I'll have to have a word with her when next I see her!:)

Ryan W said...

How very french of you! A mirepoix and herbes de provence, well played!