Sunday, September 11, 2011

Unplanned Guest Post

Hello family and friends.  This is Brian, and this is my second opportunity to make a guest post for Chrissy.  We've had a weekend of extremes I guess you could say.  Friday night Evie had a stomach bug, so we didn't do much, just kind of stuck around.  Saturday she felt somewhat better, but just stuck around the house for the day with Chrissy and Lila.  Jacob and I had some fun Dad and Son time.  We went out to Salt Lake to check on some accessories for my powerchair, and then we drove up to Ogden to give Caitlin a ride back to Bountiful so she could have a girls night out with Chrissy.  Around Centerville, we realized we were driving alongside an organized motorcycle ride.  It was apparently a huge ride that was a tribute for the fallen firefighters from 9/11.  It was really cool.  There were hundreds and hundreds of riders.  We passed lots of on-lookers taking pictures and waving, and firetrucks and firefighters that were out to show their support.  The route was blocked by police and highway patrol, so we got to cruise through the red lights with all of the bikers.  The coolest part was as we went through South Weber, there were two ladder firetrucks on the overpass with their ladders extended way up holding a big American flag.  It was a cool experience, and it gave me a chance to talk with Jacob about the events of that day that took place over a year and a half before he was even born. 
Saturday evening he and I headed out to Cabellas for some guy time, and had a blast just cruising around the store looking at all the cool stuff.  He impressed all of the sales people he spoke with (which was about every one that came within ear-shot!) one who was nice enough to find him some tokens for the shooting gallery upstairs.  Then while using those tokens, a customer who had extra tokens even gave him some more!  He had a great time and told me more than twice that we need to go out there more often.
As Chrissy mentioned in her brief post last night, she and Caitlin got to go out to see a movie together, so all in all it was a pretty fun Saturday for us all.
That was then, this is now lol.  I went to bed not feeling super great last night, and Chrissy woke up really feeling yucky to say the least.  She's been really sick all day with whatever it was that Evie had Friday night.  Then this afternoon it caught up with Jacob.  The poor kid's miserable.  And then, as things settled down this evening about an hour after the girls went to bed, Lila came out to the living room and made it known she was next in line to be sick.  Then she proved it.
So...that's why you get to listen to my ramblings tonight instead of Chrissy's well formed thoughts!  I apologize, and thanks for putting up with me.  I've texted my supervisor at work and let him know not to expect me and we plan on sticking around here tomorrow and making sure we all are ready for Tuesday when it gets here!  We hope you're all doing well, and I hope Chrissy will be posting again tomorrow!