Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Saturday

Today was a pretty slow Saturday. 
We attended our Stake Fair, and the kids had a 2nd go at face painting, a bouncy house, and snow cones. 
After the fair we went to Lowes, although I'm still not entirely sure what the point of that trip was.
 I think Brian just wanted to look around, but we only lasted about 20 minutes before I had had it with my children who were climbing over and under and on and around every. single. display! 
So we decided to take them to get some lunch. 
We had free kids meal's at the Texas Roadhouse so we decided that would be a fun "splurge" without really splurging. 
It was an interesting lunch, because once the food came all three children were suddenly almost too tired to eat.
 Evie did pretty good, but by the time the waitress brought the check, Jake was laying across the chairs with his head in my lap and Lila was laying across Jake.
 We came home and put everyone down for a much needed nap, including Mom and Dad! 
We woke up in time to head over to Kevin and Donna's to watch the BYU/U of U game. 
That's always an interesting evening, because some of my family are cheering for the Y, and others for the U. 
And the rest of us just come for the food and the chance to watch our mild mannered, calm and soft spoken Uncle Brady get all riled up and jump up and yell at the TV. 
Good times.