Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall traditions...

Today we pulled out our Halloween decorations.

The kids were excited to decorate.
I was excited that all I had to do was pull out a tote of decorations and that the whole process took less than two hours, as opposed to years past where I was trying to finish making the decorations and it drug out for weeks at a time.

I also found it ironic that in order to put up fake cobwebs, I first had to dust and vacuum up real ones. Hmmm... perhaps next year I'll save time and just leave the real ones until Thanksgiving.

My kids aren't the only ones excited to play Conference Bingo tomorrow.
I bought 12 lbs. of candy.
(I actually took the time to total up the weights on the packages, because I was wondering after hefting them into the house and onto the counter...)
I figure whatever is left over will work for trick or treaters.


Sandra & Brent said...

You're the best, Chrissy! I love that you're doing decorations with your kids and conference activities! Those kinds of traditions make a BIG difference for your kids. I laughed about you dusting so that you could put up cobwebs . . .you're a girl right after my own heart!