Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dressing up

Tonight we went to a wedding reception for one of Brian's friends from high school. By the time we left the reception all I could think was, "We should have gotten a babysitter..."

But before we left I thought my girls were looking pretty cute.  I normally lean towards a more demure and old fashioned style when it comes to dressing my girls for church and functions like weddings. But today I was all about funky, eclectic and colorful. Must have been the radio station on in the background...

Evie got this skirt from a box of donations during the yard sale and has been dying to wear ever since! Leopard print and some shiny bling? Yes please.

Lila was totally rocking a Punky Brewster meets Rainbow Bright ensemble. I love it!
Truthfully, I think this is how I live vicariously through my children. There are days I wish I could wear something this fun and funky.

We got home and I sent the children off to change into their pajamas. Jake not only changed in record time, he took the time to create a chart for his dinner "requests" for next week. 

He brought this to me, let me look it over and then asked, "So, do you think you can handle that?"

Honestly it's fine by me.
 I think it's great not to have to decide what to make for dinner every night.
And I didn't make the mistake of agreeing to comply with his requests, so I'm not legally bound to this menu....

Sometimes it's like living with Sheldon.
"What would you have me do? Eat french toast on a Monday?  Now that would be impossible."


Troy and Lisa said...

I love Sheldon! And I love that Jake left some nights as "Mom's choice." How thoughtful