Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some outtakes from yesterday...

I didn't want to dilute the focus of yesterday's post by including the things my kids did that made me chuckle. Plus this way I get two posts from one day.

Lila found our hand mirror in the drawer where we keep all the hair stuff. She brought it out and sat and looked at herself while I was doing her hair. After admiring herself for several minutes she suddenly exclaimed, "Awwww! I am adorable!"
I  laughed so hard I had to start over on her ponytail.

While we were waiting for Jacob and Daddy, who had gone to vacuum out the back of the van so we could put all of Jim and Terrie's bags in, the girls begged to play outside. I thought they wanted to ride their bikes or draw with chalk or something. Nope. Evie decided to read a book to Lila. Why are they sitting on opposite sides of the lawn? I don't know.

But while I was taking this picture I glanced down our street and saw this...

Jake had to drive his dad's scooter home from the car wash at the bottom of our street. They had unloaded it to vacuum the van and Brian decided it would be easier to let Jake drive it home rather than try to load it back in. Obviously Jake now feels like the coolest thing since the ice cube!

Playing outside some more.
 Lila got out the push broom and spent a good twenty minutes sweeping the driveway.  Again, the motivation escapes me, but she thought it was the most fun game ever!