Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thoughts about Jake...

Tonight I hung out with my boy. 

While he can irritate me the way only an eight year old boy can, it's nice to get a little one on one time every now and then. 

It was pack meeting for Scouts and he got to direct the color guard and lead the pledge. 

I thought it was sweet how serious he was about it. 

It made me happy seeing these young boys being taught pride and respect for our nation's symbols. 

After Scouts, he and I went to the library for a little while.

 I love that he is as comfortable and independent in the library as I am. 

I told him he had about a half an hour to select his books while I choose mine.

Twenty minutes later he came and found me, each of us lugging an armload of books.

It just makes me smile every time I am reminded that he loves reading as much as I do. 

We had a final errand to the grocery store on the way home and it was nice to spend a little time talking to him. 

I told him to grab me a cart and he came back with one of the kiddie ones.

I looked at him for a moment and then said, "I take it you want to push the cart?" 

He smiled sweetly and replied, "I want to, besides I think you've done enough heavy lifting for today..." 

He is always finding ways to take care of me, he is such a sweetheart.

Plus he uses words like lugubrious and diabolical while describing his day at school. 

What's more, he uses them correctly! 

(The word obsequious continues to be a struggle for him though...) 

In yesterday's frenzy of cleaning I came across a little photo album with pictures of him at 4 and 6 months old. 

I couldn't get over how my chubby cheeked little cherub has turned into a Cub Scout who uses words like lugubrious.

It makes my heart hurt a little.


Sandra & Brent said...

I never get tired of hearing about Jake's decidedly grown up vocabulary (actually a lot of adults don't have near the vocab that he does!) and his rapier wit and tender heart! What a kid! What a mom! Love you, Sandra

Amanda said...

I struggle with obsequious as well...and I'm sure lugubrious has never passed my lips.