Sunday, November 20, 2011

Best laid plans and all that...

Some of you may be wondering about my plan for cleaning my house and how that is all going?

It works great! 

At least it did for the first three days. 

So I assume that it would have worked great if I had been able to keep following my scheduled one room a day and not had three sick kids cooped up in the house creating extra laundry and chaos...

At least I know that my usual crazy whirlwind method mostly works too. 

And I have two days. 

That will be enough time... right?


Emilie said...
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Emilie said...

Even if it's not enough time, people will remember how you, the person, made them feel. Not whether or not they could lick your kitchen floor because it was just. that. clean.

Umm...maybe not read this comment to Brian. He might have nightmares of being forced to "check" the floor to see if it was clean enough for guests. Hehehehehe.