Sunday, November 27, 2011

Posting from Idaho...

I am borrowing Tiffany's computer to post from fabulous Idaho this evening! Lila and I drove Tiffany and her kiddos home today and are spending the night, because even though Brian is fine with the idea of himself driving to Idaho and back in one day he doesn't think that I can do it…  I don't care though. It just gave me more time to hang out with Tiff.  We got here around 7, ate dinner, and then watched Sense and Sensibility while stitching on our advent calendars. All around a good night. Tomorrow I'll get up early and head home so I can be there in time to pick up Evie from school. The good news is when the older kids and Brian called to say good night, they all told me how much they missed me. Sounds like I've got good job security!