Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don't be fooled by the apparent sweetness!

Lila picked out this dress and sweater to wear today.
 (I added the leggings, because it is November after all.)

I thought she looked sweet enough to eat! 
Like a walking Neapolitan ice cream cone.

And doesn't she just look like a perfect angel in this one?

Then I asked her to pick up some toys...
 and out came the pouty lip, the stubborn stance, and a major battle of wills.

And I finally realized who she reminds me of.

Puss in Boots

They draw you in with the big eyes and the adorable cuteness, and then...
They turn into a hissing, spitting, fighting ball of fur.
All that sweetness is a secret weapon to catch you off guard, and it works every time!


Sandra & Brent said...

Hilarious . . . Absolutely hilarious! Perfect comparison!