Saturday, November 19, 2011

A day of almosts...

1. We are almost done with having to trick Lila into taking the nasty medicine. (One more dose!)

2. I almost got a free massage today. (I decided to fight with my husband and have a crying meltdown in the parking lot instead. It ended up being cathartic, but nowhere near as relaxing as a massage would have been...)

3. I almost got to go to a movie with my sister. (We decided to go to Tai Pan Trading and look at Christmas decorations instead...)

4. I'm almost ready to take on the turkey for Thanksgiving. (After shopping for Thanksgiving dinner tonight I realize that I have never been properly thankful to my parents and in-laws for the work and expense that goes into a Thanksgiving feast. So, belatedly, thank you Dad, Terrie and Jim for the many delicious holiday meals you have provided for us in the past...)

5. I'm almost ready to decorate my Christmas tree. (See #2, and also, I don't yet have a tree to decorate...)

6. I'm almost excited to have to teach the Sunbeams tomorrow. (With all three children sick and me having to teach, Brian was willing to stay home with the kids. I'm looking forward to sitting quietly through sacrament meeting and actually listening to the speakers and singing the hymns and did I mention sitting quietly...)


Emilie said...

I see a day of success.

1. With one more dose, successfully giving Lila all the medicine she needs.

2.Successfully communicating with my husband even though it was hard.

3.Successfully spending time talking with my sister.

4. Successfully feeling the gratitude Thanksgiving is truly about.

5. Successfully preparing for the next holiday so it will run smoothly.

6. Successfully recognizing the blessings amongst the trials.

Good for you!