Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My goal for today:
Get the girls into their new beds by tonight!

They were so excited to sleep in their bunk beds, in their pink room, on brand new sheets. 
(Which I got on sale at Kohl's, buy one get one free!)

Unfortunately the excitement only lasted until I tucked them in, turned off the lights and they realized that bed time is still bed time whether your room is pink or not.

I foresee a lot of stair climbing in my near future...


Sandra & Brent said...

Well done, Chrissy! Your girls can float off to sleep on pink dream clouds. Assuming they don't float up the stairs first!

Sarah said...

So cute:) I love white bunk beds!

April Weeks said...

Nice! Sweet!

Emilie said...

Did you do the chair rail all by yourself?! Nice work.

Just think of it as extra workouts throughout the evening :)

I bet Jake likes having them down there.