Wednesday, November 30, 2011

She made it to three... it's a miracle!

*As I was waiting for the many pictures to load for this post I thought I'd sneak in a quick bit of sewing, only to find Lila has snipped all the threads on my serger... making the title of this post no longer so tongue in cheek. grrr...

We started out celebrating this morning by watching an animated e-card from Grandma and Grandpa T. I'm pretty sure she watched it twenty times in as many minutes, so good choice on the card Grandma T. She loved it!

A quick break to get dressed for the day and then right back to the computer!

I let the older two kids play hooky today and we went to the Festival of Trees to watch our friend Libby perform with her dance group. We spent a wonderful three and a half hours wandering the festival looking at trees, gingerbread houses and quilts, sampling tasty treats, making crafts and playing games at the Kid's Korner, and even getting to visit with Santa and tell him our hopes for Christmas morning! On the way home we went to Build-a-Bear and Lila got to make a new friend, while the older two each got to pick out a new outfit for their animals.

Lila was simply adorable. She was wearing the birthday girl sash and every person she interacted with asked her if it was her birthday (that made me laugh inside, "no it's not her birthday, but her drama queen sash was in the wash...) and how old she was. And I missed it all! I left the camera at home, bad blogger! I was so frustrated because I'd taken the time to download all the pictures and put in new batteries, so it would be ready for all the photo ops. 

So instead I'll just have to share a bunch of pictures from her party tonight.
We went over to Pa Dave's and had Chinese for dinner. Lila got the perfect fortune in her cookie! It said, "A new challenge will soon come your way." All the grown ups looked at each other and said, "Potty training!"

 After dinner we were joined by Grandma-great, Grandpa Jerry, Dinee and her girls for presents and cake.

Evie, snuggling her dad and showing off her bear's new outfit.

Lila showing her new bunny.

She wasn't excited to have all the attention on her at all...

Some new outfits, this one from Grandma T.

Plaid and scottie dogs from Evie.

Her very own copy of Ella Enchanted from Jake!

She was thrilled!
(So was I because I've probably rented it thirty or forty times since this summer...)

A Minnie Mouse dress up doll from Dinee and girls.

A Minnie shirt from mommy.

Brian was in charge of taking pictures while I helped Lila with her gifts. He kept falling asleep and when I got after him for missing her reaction to some of her presents he had this excuse, "This camera can't keep up with me!"

I laughed so hard I cried.

Okay, back to Lila. 

Lila wanted a Minnie cake, so this is my attempt. I think it was successful because when she saw it she squealed and said, "Mom! You made me a Minnie cake! You're the best mom ever!"

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lila!
I hope your birthday wish comes true.