Friday, November 18, 2011

Coughs, croup and craziness!

Last night was awful. Poor Lila started coughing and the dreaded strider breathing that signals the onset of croup. Something we are all too familiar with around here. I called the doctor in the morning and got an appointment, and he quickly confirmed that it was croup. 

You can tell your almost three year old is really ill when they spend the whole day holding still, not speaking and mostly asleep. And they leave the mask on their faces for over two hours with no prompting from you, because after the doctors office we had to go pick up some sickness supplies like popsicles, vapor rub and distilled water for the humidifier.

Once home I worked really hard to get Lila some food and her medicine. I just love that she's double fisting the apple juice at this point. 

The bright spot of our day, we came home to a package from Denmark!

Grandma and Grandpa T. sent us an advent calendar. The kids can't wait to open it!

Miss Evie had two birthday parties to attend today! One of them was a ballerina tea party. We managed to cobble together a ballet outfit between the dress up box and her closet. After I put her hair up in a bun and added the bow she went to check herself out in the mirror. Her exact words, "Okay. This outfit is adorable!" I seriously need to get her into a dance class.

Lila wanted to dress up too. 
And I was too tired to care if she wanted to wander around dressed up like Minnie Mouse while trying to hack up a lung...

Complete with gloves.

Jake is such a sweet big brother. Even though he is sick himself he has been trying so hard all day to help take care of Lila. Tonight he sewed her this little heart pillow so she could have something to cuddle. (Because there is such a shortage of stuffed animals and blankets in this house...) 

She absolutely loves it! And Jake is so proud. 
But not as proud as I am of my sweet boy and his awesome crafting skills.


Emilie said...

Oh sad.

I hope people are feeling better around there soon.