Monday, May 9, 2011

A Girl's Day!

Today we went to Temple Square.
Tracie, Me, Lila, Evie, Michelle, and Grandma Terrie

The tulips were absolutely beautiful.

The weather... not so much.
We went into one of the visitor centers to warm up at one point, and it was really neat to see all the displays they had in there. The little girls were even interested and pretty well behaved.

We walked over to the Lion House Pantry for lunch, so yummy!

All the girls ate all their food. That's how good it is...

After lunch we headed to Grandma T's favorite store, Build-a-Bear! 

Grandma and Michelle checking out the new animals.

Lila's bear, Coco Bean, has needed to be repaired for several months. She was ecstatic to get to play with Coco again now that she isn't "bo-ken".

The girls each picked out a new outfit for their bears and Lila also got a bear carrier like Evie. Best seven dollars ever spent, now I won't have to listen to them fight over Evie's carrier.

We had such a fun day hanging out with the girls, thanks for such a special treat Grandma T!


Sarah said...

You're looking SO good and tiny:) I've never eaten at Lion House but I hear it's really tasty.

April Weeks said...

Looks like a fabulously fun day.