Saturday, May 14, 2011

I guess he would know...

This is the card Jake made for our little friend Libby, who also broke her arm last week.

Step 1: You get an x-ray to check if the bone is broken.
Step 2: Splint and sling
Step 3: Hard cast (He is showing that it is still sore at this point because that is a feather that hit the arm and made the guy say "ow!")
Step 4: The "mmm" is either referring to the fact that it hurts less, or that it is hard to be patient while it heals...
Step 5: Back to the doctors to get the cast off.
Last One: All better! 

We are all hoping that both Jake and Libby get better soon!

We are also planning on getting pictures of them together while they both have their casts on.


Ryan W said...

I appreciate the "evil corner". All cards should have a touch of evil on them so as to balance out the sweetness of a get well. Well played Jake.

Chrissy said...

LOL! Oh man, that is the best laugh I have had today! It's actually the "evie corner" so that his little sister wouldn't mess up his artwork on the rest of the card. But now that you've said that I will definitely be adding an "evil corner" to balance out any sappy get well cards I send out from now on. :)