Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Tradition

Can it be a tradition after only two weeks? Well I hope it continues on for many more....

Tuesday night is Zumba! Caitlin and I go and rock out the very best that two really white chicks can.  I had to (figuratively speaking) twist her arm and drag her along tonight, as she is feeling the aches and pangs after two days of early morning workouts and a restrictive diet. But I kept promising her she would feel better after the class if she just got in there and got moving. Afterwards as we were walking to the car she stretched her arms and said, "You are just like a mom, you are always right." I said, "I am a mom... of course I'm always right."

On the way home we stop by the library and have about twenty minutes to look for new books. Twenty minutes in a library without kids... no one needing a drink or to go to the bathroom or "accidentally" knocking every book off a shelf... heaven, sheer heaven. Even if I do have to go in dripping sweat in my work out clothes.

Tuesday nights with my sister. I'm putting it on my calendar, in pen!


Sarah said...

Sounds great. Except zumba made me feel like and idiot. I'm glad you and Caitlin get to do it together though. so fun to hang out with your sister!

Sarah said...

*an idiot grrr. I hate it when I type things incorrectly.