Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's been a very long day... Lila-wise

I remember being in the hospital after Jacob was born, and family and friends stopping by to see my beautiful new baby. I can't remember who it was, but someone was holding him and admiring his perfect, new features, and while she held him she looked at me and said, "It's hard to believe that at some point in time you are going to want to kill this child, isn't it?" I just sat there, aghast, and thinking, "What a horrible thing to say to a new mother!"  Little did I know that day would come much sooner than I had anticipated with each of my children.

I've been thinking about this memory all day because Lila has been an absolute stinker from start to finish. (Well, almost finished, Brian is still trying to get her to bed as I type this.)  But she can still make me laugh, even as she makes me want to pull out my hair. For example, this conversation was had after I put her in the tub, reminded her twice not to pour water out of the tub, went out of the room for less than ten seconds to grab a clean towel, and returned to find her pouring water out of the tub...

Me: Lila! What am I going to do with you?

Lila: I don' know.

Me: I think I will send you to live at the zoo.

Lila: No mama, I want ta stay wif you.

Me: You don't want to go live with the monkeys?

Lila: No.

Me You don't think you should live with the bears?

Lila: No. I not a bear, mama. I just a Lila.

Me: Well, if you want to stay here you have to stop acting like a wild animal!

Lila: I want to stay wif you and daddy.... and Evie. Jake can go stay wif the aminals.

Me: You don't want your brother to stay with us?

Lila: No, he needs to go stay wif the aminals...

Poor Jake, he gets blamed for everything around here.


Dinee said...

You could try Libby's suggestion when I was having a difficult day with Addie-take her to the D.I. Just let me know when you're dropping her off and we'll come ger her :)

Sarah said...

It must have been something in the air last night because we faught with Sophie for over an hour trying to get her down to bed.