Sunday, May 22, 2011

Miss Independant

Today as I was walking Lila to her nursery class we met up with one of her teachers. Lila dropped my hand like a hot potato, grabbed her teacher's hand, waved and said, "Bye-bye Mama, See you afters class!" I smiled and said, "Okay, love you honey."

Because I am a primary teacher I was still heading the same direction they were. Lila kept turning around to see me behind them and finally she'd had enough. "Mom! Don't follow me, okay?" I laughed and agreed to go around the long way so that I wasn't following her. I noticed that she kept an eagle eye on me until I went out the other doors.

I am torn between being happy that she loves her nursery class so much and a little sad that she is ready to be more independent. I think the end of each baby stage is harder with her since she is my last baby.