Monday, May 30, 2011

A quiet holiday

I got to sleep in until 7:30! That was a nice beginning. I went to the gym with Caitlin, and after the workout we walked over to the cemetery to visit Mom. It was a nice, peaceful morning.

I rushed home to help Brian pack for his work trip. He's off to Texas for a couple of days. I am sad that he's gone, but I am excited for him to have this opportunity with his work.  Lila is just sad. She is not understanding why her daddy isn't coming home tonight.

So rather than sit around and feel sad we decided to go run a couple of errands and then met Grandma T. for lunch at McDonald's. Happy Meals and running around the play area seemed to perk everyone right up. Although I was once again reminded of one of my top ten pet peeves: parents who can't look up from their cell phones or iphones or other electronics for even a second to see that their out of control hellion is running amok and pushing smaller kids out of their way. Poor Lila has a lovely raspberry on her forehead from getting kicked by a bigger kid who wasn't looking where they were going. But other than that, lunch was a great treat.

Now we are getting packed up to go spend the night with Grandma T. She was so sweet to offer us a place to crash since I don't sleep very well when Brian is out of town.  The kids are excited to be having a sleepover/movie night with Grandma. I am excited at the thought of early bedtimes.

I hope your holiday has been equally relaxing. Happy Memorial Day!