Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hanging out at Em's...

Today was filled with sunscreen, sprinklers, otter pops, sandbox digging, trampoline jumping and picnic lunching with Emilie and her kids. And all that was before 1 pm. After that much fun we headed home for a much need rest.

We went to visit Grandma-Great in the hospital where she is recovering from a knee replacement surgery and the kids took turns taking rides in her wheelchair. It's made them very excited for when their daddy gets his wheelchair.

I came home a little early from knit night to help wash the various substances out of the girls hair. Which was quite a chore, but I don't mind. The way I figure it the more things you have in your hair at the end of the day is equal to the amount of fun you had. So judging by the bath water these kids had a ball!