Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Night: Date Night!

Tonight Brian and I got away for a much needed date night. It was even more fun because we met up with Sarah and Kyle for dinner and a movie to celebrate her birthday. Well, we eventually met up. It was a struggle at first because (and I am sure this will come as no surprise to anyone who has known us for any length of time) we were running a little late. Just as we were getting to the theater Sarah called to say that the restaurant we had planned to meet up at was no longer in business and did we have an opinion as to where else sounded good. The rest of the conversation went a little like this...

Me: Where are you guys?
Sarah: We're on the north side of the theater.
Me to Brian: They're on the north side of the theater... where are we?
Brian: The south side.
Me: What are you wearing?
Sarah: Black and grey, Kyle's in a white polo.
Me: The north side? We're on the north side now, I don't see you...  long pause
Me: Wait, you said Jordan Landing right?
Sarah: Yeah
Me to Brian: Is this Jordan Landing?
Brian: No this is Jordon Commons.
Me to Brian: Did I tell you Jordon Commons?
Brian: Nope, you did say Jordon Landing... crap.

We eventually made our way over to Jordon Landing and still had time to eat. Whew! After dinner we went and saw "X-Men: First Class" which I thought was very entertaining and a great action movie. The X-Men movies are some of the few superhero movies that I actually like. I really liked how they tied their story line into real historical events. The only downside for me was that the sound was cranked so loud I had a definite headache by the time the show was over. (Boy, does that make me feel old...)

Thanks Sarah and Kyle for letting us tag along on your date night, it was fun as always to get to spend time with you. And thanks to Grandma T, and Caite and Patrick for watching our children so we could go out. It is a huge favor to take on our three crazy kids, and we both appreciate it more than we can say.


Noelle said...

I swear they just need to change the name of either Jordan Landing or Jordan Commons.. This exact experience has happened to me twice!