Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A perfect summer day...

Today was a great day. We woke up late enough that breakfast was popcorn and candy at the movies. My kids think I'm pretty much the coolest mom ever. (I think that doing something crazy like that every so often keeps them on their toes.) The movie was "How to Train Your Dragon" which is one of our favorites. I particularly enjoyed it because the last time we went to see it in the theater, Lila was a pill and I missed most of the exciting parts while walking her up and down the hall.

After the movie we went and had a front porch picnic with Caite and Patrick at Pa Dave's house. Since we were already there, of course we had to swim for a bit. As my dad said, "The pool likes to be used." Sitting on the porch swing and eating ice cream afterwards I kept trying to decide what song would make the best sound track for such a perfect summer day.

And in conclusion I would just like to thank everyone for the comment love on yesterdays post. I am blushing at all your kind words of encouragement. I have to hurry and finish this so I can go comment on four more blogs before midnight to make my goal! (The thing about having such fun and busy days is I am not online very long and so have to cram my daily to-do's into a short amount of time...)


Mandy said...

Our internet is now up and runnig , well since last weekend but this is my first day on the actual computer, it's fun to hear about all the fun things you guys are doing.

Say hello to everyone from us, miss you guys!

Sarah said...

I have often wondered what song would play during certain times in my life too:) I'm glad it was such a wonderful day!