Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Thursday...

Today I only read one book.
I did start knitting a sweater and got a good bit of it done. 
I had big plans for catching up on laundry. 
I injured myself while folding the first batch and lost my enthusiasm for it. 
(I was vigorously shaking out a pair of jeans and whipped myself with them... it really hurt.) 
I did do the dishes this morning. 
I always feel better when my kitchen sink is clean. 
My mental blinders let me ignore the rest of the messy house and focus on the clean sink. 
I spent quite a bit of time trying to convince Lila she was tired enough to take a nap.
She remained unconvinced. 
Jake is going to his first Scout Camp (day camp) tomorrow.
He is thrilled. 
I am mildly apprehensive, but pleased that he is thrilled. 
I am trying to decide what to do with the girls tomorrow. 
Maybe we'll read some more...


Brian said...

I'm excited for Jake too!! I think he's going to have a blast. Thank you for the fact that I came home to happy children (and a clean sink!). That always makes me happy on "Daddy Nights"! Love You!

Emilie said...

I'm giggling over the laundry injury, but sorry that it killed any small motivation you had to get it done.

The Cole Family said...

I need to pick your brain on some good authors since you are such an avid reader (3 books in one day!) and I am always looking for a good book to read. :)