Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We may have a solution...

To the problem of Lila ending up in our bed every. single. night.

Train her to get into bed with Evie! 
If all she needs is a warm body to snuggle with I am more than happy to volunteer her sister...

Today was library day. The story times feature a different area of the world each week and this week we visited Asia. Jake's lunch request? Egg rolls and rice so he could try out the chopsticks he got.  The rest of the day was spent playing in the backyard and having quiet reading time with our new library books. I hit the wall around 5 and dozed off while reading. I woke up to some seriously ornery children who I got to then load up and run a few errands with, including the grocery store. I thought they were starving on top of the ornery, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that Jacob had made them all peanut butter sandwiches while I was napping.  He is a pretty awesome big brother and just a generally swell kid. Moments like that make me a proud mama.