Friday, June 10, 2011

A very long (but good) day...

It's late. Late enough that it's technically tomorrow. So I will give you the quick version.

We went to the park for a picnic and had about an hour or so to play before we got rained out. We didn't want to stop the party so we went to my cousin's house and had a wonderful afternoon hanging out and visiting while the children played.  I ran home, changed, and dropped the kids off to the grandparents to beat rush hour traffic out to Salt Lake to pick up Brian. From there we headed down to the Mount Timpanogos Temple to attend a session where my cousin Lauren was taking out her endowment. It is always such a wonderful experience to get to go to the temple with the extended family and be surrounded by the people you love and who love you. I am so excited for Lauren and her fiancĂ©, Austin. I think they truly deserve all the happiness they are going to have.

But all of this made for a very late night, and apparently a stream of consciousness rambling type post. I could very well read this back in the morning and think, "Huh? What was I trying to say...."