Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School

Jacob is a 3rd grader!
Yikes, when did that happen?

Evie (who has informed me that she wants to be called Genevieve now, because that is what all of her school things are labeled with) is a Kindergartner!

She was, in true Evie-fashion, excited for everything about going to school. But she was especially excited to finally get to use her backpack!  She got this last year for a birthday present, but her preschool didn't let them use backpacks, so she's been just waiting and waiting...

I sure love this bunch!

You can tell it's the first day when they are excited to do their homework.

I have to include this shot because it just makes me giggle. 
We went to the grocery store after we picked up Jake. Lila was so tired and ornery in the store and she crashed hard on the way home. I didn't realize just how completely relaxed she was until I opened the door to get her out of the car....


Sarah said...

Ok seriously... Lila's picture totally made me laugh! LOVE it:)