Monday, August 1, 2011

A Tangled Birthday

First present of the day, the requested "birthmark"
She loved it and kept running to check in the mirror if it was still there!

We had a bit of a rocky start this morning when we woke up to rain and gray, cloudy gloominess. Well, that's what Evie woke up to, I woke up to her crying her eyes out. The birthmark helped her feel a bit better, and then her brother decided to cheer her up with some fun activities. 

Pop-bottle sword fights:

Sumo wrestling:

And a good old-fashioned pillow fight:

A little later Aunt Caitlin showed up to help whip up a little birthday magic.
(Evie reminded me this morning that she had requested a Tangled birthday, which I had completely forgotten. I called Caite in a panic for some ideas and she came through in a big way! No way today would have happened with out her.)

A braid garland decorated with most of our flower hair bows.

Another garland from the movie, made out of construction paper and scraps of lining fabrics.

Rapunzel's Tower Cake. 
Again, all Caitlin. 
She is amazing...

A minor mishap, we had to hurry and do a little structural repair with extra bamboo skewers.

Obviously they still tasted delicious.

Here is Evie blowing out her candles.

She got some great presents and loves them all.

Can you tell this one is from her brother? 
(She actually did ask for her own Hot Wheels. She asked for pink, but for some reason they don't make a whole lot of pink Hot Wheels... go figure.)

She also got several new shirts, a Fancy Nancy puzzle, a doll and the doll bed. Of course we saved the very best for last...

Best. Birthday. Ever!

5 things that I love about Evie right now:

1. Her expressions. 
Her face is never still and she can pull some of the funniest faces, especially if something grosses her out. Makes me laugh every time.

2. She is brave.
She is working so hard at overcoming the fears and shyness that set in last fall. I am so proud of how she talks through what is worrying her and then faces it head on.

3. Her imagination.
She can play dress ups and make believe for hours on end and loves to act out all kinds of stories, especially scenes from Tangled.

4. She is a good big sister. (Most of the time)
Where ever Evie is, that's where you'll find Lila. Tagging along and playing whatever game Evie has dreamed up. I'm constantly thinking that one of them is calling to me, only to go see what they need and find out that they are playing and really talking to each other. I also often hear cries of, "Eugene! Eugene! Don't leave me!" 

5. She is such an artist.
I love to watch her color and draw. She will spend such a long time selecting the perfect shade and working so hard to stay in the lines. And she just enjoys it so much it is a delight to see.

I am so excited to see what this next year will bring for Evie with such big milestones as starting school and venturing further out into the world. She is so enthusiastic about new experiences I think it will be fun to watch.

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!
I sure do love you.


Ryan W said...

I remember when Auntie Catie saved my birthday once...

Happy Birthday Evie!

Elena Loo said...

Oh what fun!! That is a great bike!! Happy Birthday EVIE!!!
We love you!!

Sarah said...

LOVE the birthmark!
Happy Birthday Evie:)

Dinee said...

Still so amazed you guys pulled off all those decorations and cake at short notice. They looked great!

Lawson Family said...

That cake was fabulous! The sparkle in her eyes said it all-well done, Mama (and Auntie!)

Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

Seriously awesome! You guys are always awesome! I am so glad Caite married Patrick! She sure is a blessing! And I get to know your cute family too! BONUS! Happy Birthday Evie!

Noelle said...

Those Rapunzel decorations/cake are amazing! I would have just said, "Sorry, maybe next year." Taya just got that bike for her birthday too.. I'm ready to throw the bell in the garbage :) I'm glad everything worked out!

Bianca said...

Oh how I wish we lived closer to you. I just know that Bella and Evie would be the best of friends! Plus, I still can't get over how sometimes they have the exact same facial expressions. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday! Hooray for creative moms and wonderful Aunts!!