Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Too much for a Tuesday...

Today was the last of the summer matinee movies. It was Kung Fu Panda which we own and enjoy watching on a regular basis. I thought the novelty of watching it on the great big movie screen would counteract the familiar story line, but I was wrong. Both of the girls spent the majority of the movie asking if it was time to go home yet. At least Jake seemed to enjoy it. And Lila did do karate-esque dance movies all the way out to the car.

Tonight I went to Zumba. It was a fun and kick-butt work out as always, but I was really missing my little Zumba buddy, Caitlin. And it made me realize that now that she is moving way all the way away to Ogden, I won't get to see her as often. That's just sad.

I came home to a very hungry family who hadn't eaten because they were too busy cleaning mud and blood off the baby and the rest of the house after she either a) got her feet run over by her sister's bike or b) tripped on the abc's that Evie was writing on the sidewalk with chalk. (I never did get a straight answer, but apparently it's Evie's fault.) So we got dinner on the table at 9:30 pm. Mother of the year award, right here.

I had to chase my dinner with three ibuprofen because so far the three workouts I've done have involved the abs, shoulders and thighs. So now I can't sit, stand, laugh, cough, or walk without pain. I would kick myself so hard for ever taking a break from working out, only I can't lift my leg in that direction, let alone that high right now...