Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Definitely needs more practice...

Brian just made Lila cry. Lila was pretending to be the prince and Evie was the princess. Lila wanted to escort Evie somewhere, and Brian decided to try out his lines for when someone comes to "escort" his "princess" in real life (many, many years in the future).

Brian: Prince, are you going to be nice to my princess?
Lila: Yes (then she bowed)
Brian: Prince, are you going to have my princess home by ten?
Lila: Yes (while bowing)
Brian: Prince, will you be a perfect gentleman?
Lila: Yes (and bows again)
Brian: Now Prince, this is the most important thing. No kissing!
Lila: (started to bow, then stopped and quirked an eyebrow at Brian) Yes.
Brian: No. You may not kiss my princess.
Lila: Yes I can. See. I kiss her like this...

She leaned in to kiss her sister and Brian pulled Evie away so Lila couldn't reach her. And then Lila started to cry because her mean daddy wouldn't let her give her sister a kiss. The game quickly ended while Brian gathered Lila up into his lap too for hugs and kisses all around. I just laughed and thought that he is probably going to drive his daughters nuts when they turn 16 and the boys come around. "NO kissing my princesses!"

And on a completely unrelated note the only room in my entire house that does not look like a small hurricane passed through it, is the under the porch storage. Which isn't actually a room, so I don't know if that counts. I'd post pictures, but I'm seriously worried that someone might report me to the board of health or that the people from Hoarders will show up at my front door.


Noelle said...

I love this story! (Especially the bowing after each response.. so cute.) I also love the little nod to Hoarders.. which I say that I love but actually can't watch because it scares me.