Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The celebration continues...

The birthday fun continued on for Evie today. First off she got dragged out of bed and taken to her 5 year well check. Yes, taking a child who isn't sick to the doctor's is always so much fun. Especially when they get to have shots for no good reason (in their mind). But Evie came through with flying colors, is all immunized up and ready to start kindergarten. Oh! And 20/20 vision, which absolutely made my day. She'd still be adorable in glasses, but already having one child with them has made me not to excited to be keeping track of another set of them. (I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own...)

Then Grandma T. whisked her away for an afternoon of lunch and shopping, which is heaven for my girly girl. She came home with the sparkly-ist, blingy-ist, most colorful shoes you've ever seen in your life! And she loves them.We had a quick dinner and then it was off to the theater to watch "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" with Pa Dave, Caite and Patrick. I was smarter this time and watched the movie before hand with my kids so they knew the story line already and weren't leaning over to ask me a question every thirty seconds.

On the way home I asked Evie if she had had a good day with all the extra birthday treats. She smiled sleepily and nodded. Jake piped up and said, "Yeah, and now she is savoring the aftertaste..."

I guess that is the sign of a birthday well spent. A good aftertaste.